UniteBlue: A Reading List of Criticisms


UniteBlue had already enlisted many members on Twitter before anyone investigated its founders Adam and Zach Green, and their past. Many progressives on Twitter joined UniteBlue (hereinafter “UB”) without knowing what it was, or were enrolled into their Twitter lists involuntarily after UB co-opted someone else’s list of Progressives.  We don’t think any portion of the left’s voice on Twitter should be handed over to founders who previously promoted and raised money for GOP candidates, then tried to hide it, still deny it, and have been unwilling to address many of the multiple concerns on this page ever since. In short, we feel UB is something progressives would do best to avoid, and we think after reading the material, you’ll agree. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Unite_This.

About UniteBlue

UniteBlue was formed by the team of Adam and Zach Green and their companies, 140Dev LLC and 140Elect LLC, which market “custom twitter solutions.”  Both focus on collecting, organizing and selling Twitter data. At its core, UB provides liberal Twitter followers to members via a followback scheme. In exchange for installing their Application (App), UB provide lists of so-called “verified” users to easily follow with the idea that most will follow back. It initially got traction using manipulative fear tactics that encouraged progressives on Twitter to believe that joining UB was the only effective means of protecting themselves from Twitter account suspension by right wing “spam blockers” (who had attacked a small number of Twitter accounts in the past). Many joined, happy for the connections, but seemingly unaware or uninterested in why joining could be problematic.

As UB was challenged more and more, the founders have deleted past statements, tweets and web pages in an ongoing effort to revise or disguise their evolving history, while encouraging numerous overt and covert attacks on their critics through a variety of direct and indirect methods, including “block-and-unfollow” lists and sock puppet accounts of passionate supporters that regularly attack any critic of UB. UB has used various propaganda tactics to suggest that critics are GOP operatives, liars, mentally ill, or jealous in their criticism. This is simply not true. In fact, most of the critics are well-known progressives, business owners, writers and Democratic party members who simply object to the methods, tactics and sheer hubris that has been deployed by a business enterprise pretending their main goal is to “connect the left” but whose actual goal is to control and profit from the left.

Key Reads

Insider Accounts

Deleted Web Pages And Other Important Exhibits

The UB founders have told many stories about what they said, and when. So many, in fact, that UniteBlue has attempted to delete all evidence of their past dealings and projects with Republicans; their constantly changing business model; and whether they created UB to make money (they admit they did).  Thanks to Internet Archives, and similar sites, deleting stuff permanently isn’t easy to do .

About UniteBlue’s Filing As A Nonprofit Corporation

Shortly after this blogger suggested that UB file as a nonprofit, they did so.

Many commercial enterprises have linked themselves to such organizations. When the founders of a business run the foundation, they often establish convenient business relationships between them and the business. Such “pass throughs” are all too common. Only a transparent nonprofit organization with a published charter, open books,  and a credible board of directors can avoid such appearances.


Key Unanswered Questions Regarding UniteBlue

  • Why did the founder, and his father, build a Herman Cain website and ask for donations to the Herman Cain campaign and question President Obama’s “qualifications”?

  • Why did the founders describe themselves as independents in 2011 and lifelong Democrats in 2013?

  • Why hasn’t the founder provided any non-Tea Party/GOP references, testimonials or client lists? What are the founder’s qualifications to be a leader, other than being a consultant marketer with a computer?

  • Why was all the publicly available information about their prior GOP work deleted?

  • What are the advisory board member’s qualifications?

  • Will UB be used to promote a hashtag or trend on Twitter for a 140Elect client? How will the UB membership be notified, if at all?

  • Who decides what hashtags will be promoted via UB? The President? The Advisory Board?

  • How does the founder of UB reconcile the goals of getting money out of politics with encouraging donations and being a paid political consultant?

  • How does the founder define “Push Left” and will that be a part of the UB mission statement? Is there a current draft of UB’s mission statement? How transparent will the nonprofit organization be?

  • What sorts of causes will UB support? Will UB support Democrats over other Democrats? What organizations are they willing to work with or for? Will UB support special interest groups or other non-liberal groups such as libertarians or fiscally conservative Democrats?

  • How will the founder deal with the seemingly inherent conflict behind UB’s marketing approach and progressive values? Will he sell advertising to politicians and special interest groups? Will he conduct research and sell data mined from UB databases, such as locations of noteworthy progressive activists? Will UB members be notified prior to sales/transfers of their personal data? Will they be able to opt out if they want to?

  • Why can’t UB members opt out of the UB database? Why don’t they have a privacy policy that permanently excludes the selling of and collecting of UB data?

  • How has UB used the donations they have received and revenues from merchandise sold? Has the membership been notified?

  • Why does the founder claim that liberals are “stronger together” when they spam/block, block and unfollow liberals who have criticized UB? Why do some of the most active UB promoters continue to engage in personal attacks or blocking non-anonymous progressive bloggers. Does their organization have a policy against a small group of UB members who harass other liberals?

  • The founder says he “builds communities and mobilizes them to act.” What other communities has he built, and how did he build and mobilize them and in what ways get them to act?

  • Will the UB membership be advised of potential ideological conflicts with past, present or future 140elect and 140dev clients? If not, why?

  • Why do so many UniteBlue members continue to defend admitted felon Bill Talley aka @Political_Bill? What, if any, financial or other interest does Mr. Talley have with UniteBlue?

Had Enough? Want to Break-up With UniteBlue?

We’ve prepared a special page just to help you get over that unfortunate relationship. Just click here.

LAST UPDATE: August 2013