How To Break-up With UniteBlue

Suggestions For Members Wishing To Terminate Their UniteBlue Relationship

  • TO REMOVE YOURSELF FROM A LIST: Follow the directions on this page. (Independent site) The “block and then unblock” method will remove you from a list, but also “unfollow” the list creator.

  • TO REMOVE A TWIBBON: If you still wish to stay associated with UniteBlue after all you’ve learned on this site, but want to remove that Twibbon they placed on your avatar: It’s not hard. Just follow the directions here (on Twibbon’s site). You may have to upload your original avi a second time. 🙂

  • TO REVOKE ACCESS BY THE UNITEBLUE APP: Follow the directions here. (Twitter site) In essence, Go to Settings > Apps > Uniteblue > Revoke Access.

  • TO UNJOIN UNITEBLUE: There is no provision listed anywhere on how to unjoin UniteBlue (RED FLAG), so send an email to to Zach Green ( asking to be removed from his organization. You will likely be trolled within minutes of this request. Ignore and carry on.