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News Round-Up No. 14

One Of Uniteblue’s Operators Isn’t Very “Blue” At All

Adam and Zach Green run Uniteblue. As it turns out, Adam isn’t very blue at all. Well, according to their own “BlueRank” algorithm he isn’t.

What value does Uniteblue’s algorithm calculate for Mr. Adam Green?

68.7. Sixty-eight point seven. In college exam parlance: a D+.


Why any liberal would join a group run by a guy who worked for the tea party and is a “below average” liberal by his own calculation is beyond us.

BREAKING: “BlueRank” Formula Adjusted?! Stop the Presses!

Speaking of “BlueRank”: Uniteblue is designed to appear legitimate and useful, while siphoning off time and money better spent on legitimate progressive causes and candidates. The silly “Blue Rank” is part of the illusion.

The truth? They’re making it up as they go. Zach Green recently tweeted this gem from his “Stronger Together” account:


So follow more verified Uniteblue members to raise your meaningless BlueRank! Or take our advice: ignore it completely.

A guy who was raising money for Herman Cain 1 1/2 years ago isn’t qualified to grade how liberal you are. Period.


News Round-Up No. 4

Why Is Zach Green Using Fear Tactics Swiped From TGDN?

Good question. And why won’t he remove the “best practices” he swiped from @PixSher, according to this post?┬áThe shenanigans didn’t start just this year:

“Folks, he’s just trying to pack his site with follows, and the only benefit you’re getting is a blog that he uses to aggrandize his site, to direct traffic to UniteBlue which is just a hashtag aggregation site. Ask me sometime why I think he’s so keen to do this. It, surprise surprise, involves generating income.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

So the question remains- why have any progressives jumped on this bandwagon, which is little more than a thinly veiled “pyramid scheme” set to make the Green$ money and give them some control over the left on Twitter? “Free tools” indeed.

UniteBlue Has A New Critic

As the number of UniteBlue critics multiply, more and more information about them and their henchmen accumulates. This site provides some revealing information about one of the more caustic of their brood.

As they say, we report, you decide.