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News Round-Up No. 14

One Of Uniteblue’s Operators Isn’t Very “Blue” At All

Adam and Zach Green run Uniteblue. As it turns out, Adam isn’t very blue at all. Well, according to their own “BlueRank” algorithm he isn’t.

What value does Uniteblue’s algorithm calculate for Mr. Adam Green?

68.7. Sixty-eight point seven. In college exam parlance: a D+.


Why any liberal would join a group run by a guy who worked for the tea party and is a “below average” liberal by his own calculation is beyond us.

BREAKING: “BlueRank” Formula Adjusted?! Stop the Presses!

Speaking of “BlueRank”: Uniteblue is designed to appear legitimate and useful, while siphoning off time and money better spent on legitimate progressive causes and candidates. The silly “Blue Rank” is part of the illusion.

The truth? They’re making it up as they go. Zach Green recently tweeted this gem from his “Stronger Together” account:


So follow more verified Uniteblue members to raise your meaningless BlueRank! Or take our advice: ignore it completely.

A guy who was raising money for Herman Cain 1 1/2 years ago isn’t qualified to grade how liberal you are. Period.


News Round-Up No. 12

Uniteblue Founder Tries to Capitalize On Glenn Greenwald’s Troubles and gets Spanked

As we’ve noted repeatedly, the operators of Uniteblue will do anything to appear relevant. Assuming the mantle of “leader of the twitter left” (without any qualifications) isn’t easy… as Mr. Zach Green found out recently. After posting a fake tweet from Glenn Greenwald (more deception?) the following ensued, culminating in this (since deleted) tweet from Mr. Greenwald:


Mr. Greenwald correctly points out (in so many words) that Uniteblue’s founder offers little more than endless repetition of a hashtag, signifying nothing. ‘Nuff said.

Uniteblue Insiders Questioning Actblue (and OFA) Now?

Despite all the good work accomplished by Actblue since 2004 at least one known Uniteblue troll is questioning whether they are legitimate. Check out what long-time UB attack troll @audreyLMG posted on July 2, 2013:


Actblue makes it easy to donate to lesser-known progressive candidates, not Presidential candidates. So we ask: Do these tweets, along with others questioning the effectiveness of OFA, indicate that Uniteblue’s owner is pivoting again… to outright attacking progressive organizations?

Interesting Analysis of Uniteblue’s recent troubles

This blogger has posted relevant analysis of Uniteblue’s management from time to time and here are two recent posts, including speculation that Uniteblue’s membership has been penetrated by right wing operatives, among other things:

Uniteblue and William Talley Postmortem

Inspecting @UniteBlue’s Influence With Klout

The operators of Uniteblue clearly have little regard for the damage they’re doing. Whether their aggressive supporters are right wing infiltrators, paid employees, or overzealous volunteers, it’s more important than ever for progressives to IMMEDIATELY disassociate themselves from this marketing scheme disguised as a liberal “movement.” Click here to learn how to break up with Uniteblue.

News Round-Up No. 11

Uniteblue’s Marketers Attach Themselves to every Liberal Issue- To Raise Money

Many folks understand that Uniteblue has less to do with progressive politics and more to do with organizing the left to MAKE MONEY FOR THE GREEN$.

Here is a recent example of Uniteblue inserting themselves into the Markey campaign and asking for donations:


And here they are fund-raising (can they do that?) off the interest in Prop. 8 and DOMA:


Wait a minute… Donate to Uniteblue because you’re opposed to DOMA? Why? The folks controlling Uniteblue seldom miss an opportunity to twitter-bomb, hijack or insert themselves into every liberal trend or topic on Twitter. All to make a buck.

The Founder Of Uniteblue Is A Man With A Past

It looks like someone else has uncovered the disturbing Twitter trolls who do Zach Green’s dirty work while insisting they have nothing to do (LOL!) with Uniteblue. Check out this website which reveals Zach’s favorite “attack dogs” have a tea party past:

By now it’s clear that Uniteblue’s plan is to overwhelm Twitter with a deluge of left-sounding and clever tweets, while simultaneously attacking critics with [supposedly] unaffiliated trolls. Shameful.

News Round-Up No. 10

Uniteblue Received Payments From Buddy Roemer Through July 2012

Contrary to their public statements, this blogger has discovered that the owners/creators of Uniteblue were accepting payments from the Roemer campaign through July 2012, totaling more than $12,000 in 2012 alone. During this time Roemer was actively attacking and campaigning AGAINST President Obama.

Other bloggers have questioned the tactics and strategy employed by Uniteblue with good reason- it is troubling to learn that they were receiving cash from non-Progressive leaders while they were working behind the scenes creating Uniteblue.

The list of unsavory truths about Uniteblue’s founders continues to multiply: deleted webpages, tweets… worked with (and were paid by) tea party operatives… covered up their Roemer connections… tweeted anti-Obama “birther” sentiments from their 140cain twitter account… selected Bill Talley to be on their advisory board… referred to all critics as “trolls” and “smearers”… obtained and deleted Connect The Left… admitted they’re in it for the money… and sent out a posse of (possibly paid) twitter trolls to attack their critics. As we’ve stated repeatedly, progressives and liberals should avoid joining this organization.

Uniteblue Data Mining Operations

This blogger continues to dig up interesting, and very disquieting information about Uniteblue. Take a look.

In light of the recent news of NSA data mining of American telephone records, members of Uniteblue ought to be highly concerned that their tweet data is being combined with other information from the internet by the Greens to create a very valuable database containing very personal information.

Updated: June 7, 2013

News Round-Up No. 9

This Video Proves The Greens Supported Herman Cain

Well the Greens say they only built a tweet “aggregator” and took it down when they realized Herman Cain’s true beliefs, but this video provides examples that makes those claims appear ridiculous.

Decide for yourself whether the Greens merely collected tweets, or blatantly supported Herman Cain, attacked President Obama and fund-raised for Herman Cain along the way.

While real progressives and Democrats were fund-raising for Obama and Democratic candidates the Greens were pushing the “Cain Train” on Twitter with tweets that look like enthusiastic support, not benign collection of data as they claim. They even said they’d vote for Cain if he were nominated!

The William Talley Burn Notice: Final Update

The (we hope) final statement on that popular UniteBlue apologist and insider Bill Talley, who was sentenced to prison recently for possession of illegal drugs and child pornography.

Click here to read the blog post.

Mr. Talley’s convictions don’t appear to be connected to the Greens in any way, but some UniteBlue insiders may *still* be operating Talley’s various sock puppet accounts. Why they may continue to work with and for a convicted criminal again raises the question of what exactly was (is?) Mr. Talley’s role in UniteBlue.

News Round-Up No. 8

Former UniteBlue Advisory Board Member Bill Talley Receives Prison Sentence

Mr. Talley used Twitter and UniteBlue to reinvent himself as a “progressive political activist” over the last several years. He was appointed to the “advisory board” of UniteBlue by the owners, for unknown reasons. When news of his *legal difficulties,* which included possession of illegal drugs and possession of child pornography became public, he was unceremoniously dumped. Nevertheless, he maintained his support of UniteBlue and had a vocal group of UniteBlue supporters who questioned the legal system and attacked anyone who dared to address Mr. Talley’s guilt.

Read about his sentencing here.

So why does a legion of UniteBlue trolls still defend felon Talley? What exactly was/is his role in the founding and operation of UniteBlue? Does he still have any say in the operation of Uniteblue? The world wonders.

The Truth About UniteBlue Video Surfaces on YouTube

The owners of UniteBlue took great pains to erase as much of their prior GOP work as possible. The producer of this video obviously took a lot of time to track down a series of tweets that illustrate conclusively their GOP affiliation. Tellingly, the producer added this interesting note “Sorry, I am disabling comments because I am tired of being called names by UniteBlue members. Also, they have been known to “dox” (release personal information on) anyone who disagrees with them — so even if you LIKE this video, it’s dangerous to comment, they’ll stalk and troll you everywhere.”

UniteBlue is in the business of marketing UniteBlue and little else. We continue to urge progressives to AVOID them, REMOVE the Twibbon if you have one and continue to PROMOTE progressive causes that are not attached to pyramid schemes designed to make former GOP operatives money.

News Round-Up No. 7

UniteBlue Insider Exposed as a Divider

We found this recently-posted video that illustrates what many critics have suspected all along: the founders of UniteBlue aren’t interested in uniting the left, only telling it what to do so they can profit. And “beware those who disagree.” Read the tweets of potty-mouthed UniteBlue insider @EdieVP and ask yourself: are these folks uniters… or dividers?

From the beginning, critics were called trolls and questions were called “smears” by the founder of UniteBlue. His more vociferous followers, in a cult-member like way, carry on his mission with gusto– attack unbelievers and relentlessly proselytize liberals on Twitter. All so the Green$ can make a buck. Shameful, especially with 2014 around the corner.

Those Vicious UniteBlue Defenders: “The Cauldron Of Stupid”

Yet another Twitter user has parted ways with UniteBlue, after a series of encounters with their staunchest defenders, whom he/she calls “The Cauldron Of Stupid.” Check out this Twitlonger post for a dose of reality. Click here for a cached copy.

UniteBlue has been trying to portray themselves as a legitimate progressive movement, but looks more and more like the ridiculous right-wing #TGDN project as time goes by– “The only time I got suspended [in three years] was after being trolled by a member of #CauldronOfStupid.”


News Round-Up No. 6

UniteBlue Now Wants to Sue Critics and Non-Followers?

Honestly even we didn’t see this coming. The operators of UniteBlue, or someone closely allied to them, have created this Pastebin listing over 100 liberal and progressive Twitter users who, they purport, may be “sued” in a class action lawsuit merely for criticizing UniteBlue and the extended Green family and various supporters behind it. The author alleges that “We are going after those who planned and almost carried out the takedown of the UB website.” They don’t say what this “takedown” was, of course, and it’s the first we’ve heard of it. But like Fox News, these people have now resorted to just making stuff up almost every day.

Apparently dividing the left wasn’t enough for the Greens and their posse of true believers. Now they want to SUE those who haven’t joined their marketing campaign cleverly camouflaged as a “liberal movement.” Still unsure whether these folks are someone you want speaking for YOU?

We’ve Recovered UniteBlue’s Missing Web Pages (Again)

Two months ago, a blogger had published an annotated list of all the web pages that @140elect (Zach Green) had deleted.  They told a very interesting story of the ever-shifting story the Greens have told about their chameleon-like project that was first about making money, then it wasn’t, then it kinda was, then it was a nonprofit, and so on.  Sadly, that site was taken down by the blogger (who may have felt intimidated by the UniteBlue’s relentless efforts to harass its critics).  Our volunteers have found, restored and annotated these exhibits for you to see (once again).   We’ve also added the page to our collection of other deleted exhibits which you can see (and easily link to) here.

News Round-Up No. 5

Are UniteBlue Insiders Worried About Club Followback?

Well it was bound to happen. As more and more tweeps are finding out, UniteBlue is designed to look like a progressive movement to drive business to the Greens– an unnecessary middleman. Now some who are heavily invested (either out of misplaced enthusiasm or some other interest) are worried about the “slow up” (their words). Click here to see a UniteBlue insider contemplating a, get this, “follow-a-thon.”

Sorry guys, but the “follow-a-thon” already happened. That was back in January and February when Zach Green was hyping TGDN and his bogus solution to suspension– join his pyramid scheme and everybody must follow everyone!

Let The Doxing Continue

A UniteBlue insider “doxed” a UniteBlue critic several weeks ago in an effort to silence her. Zach Green publicly claimed he had no idea who did it. Now everyone’s in the doxing game– we found a website (since deleted) produced by unknown authors, with a bunch of apparently publicly available information about all the directors and officers of UniteBlue.

Why publish this? Of course we don’t condone such tactics– although it is hardly surprising that others would reply in kind to UniteBlue trolls who use GOP-style smear tactics to dox critics. Nevertheless, we categorically call for everyone to stop the doxing, which only serves to divide the left further.

UPDATED: June 6, 2013

News Round-Up No. 4

Why Is Zach Green Using Fear Tactics Swiped From TGDN?

Good question. And why won’t he remove the “best practices” he swiped from @PixSher, according to this post? The shenanigans didn’t start just this year:

“Folks, he’s just trying to pack his site with follows, and the only benefit you’re getting is a blog that he uses to aggrandize his site, to direct traffic to UniteBlue which is just a hashtag aggregation site. Ask me sometime why I think he’s so keen to do this. It, surprise surprise, involves generating income.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

So the question remains- why have any progressives jumped on this bandwagon, which is little more than a thinly veiled “pyramid scheme” set to make the Green$ money and give them some control over the left on Twitter? “Free tools” indeed.

UniteBlue Has A New Critic

As the number of UniteBlue critics multiply, more and more information about them and their henchmen accumulates. This site provides some revealing information about one of the more caustic of their brood.

As they say, we report, you decide.