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News Round-Up No. 13

About That Uniteblue “Advisory Board”

After several critics began to question the real purpose of Uniteblue, a Uniteblue “advisory board” was announced with much fanfare. The operator of Uniteblue, Zach Green, appointed various people to it- then claimed they were “elected.” If anyone can point us to the election process or results, please do.


Many are familiar with the next event in the “advisory board” saga: the removal of William Talley aka Political_Bill. It appears the process of electing appointing and removing board members is rather elastic. Mr. Talley was an outspoken promoter of Uniteblue, and his exact relationship to it is a mystery to this day. Nevertheless, a simple Google search would have revealed Talley’s legal issues and the fact he was facing prison for felony charges.


Fast-forward to today: Over four months have passed and still no “mission statement” has been produced to our knowledge. The only “mission statement” is the one Zach Green wrote, extolling his supposed “advanced heuristics and artificial intelligence techniques.” Furthermore, clicking on the Uniteblue advisory board members page shows two of the advisory board members don’t have #Uniteblue listed in their bios, and one member is no longer active, with no photo, zero followers and zero tweets. Only one board member appears busy promoting Uniteblue (see below).

Predictions by some that the advisory board would be a meaningless facade appear accurate. Should the “board” produce anything worthy of mention we will update this post.

Uniteblue Infiltrating Democratic Party?

Most progressives and liberals are wary and concerned about the relentless marketing efforts of Uniteblue on Twitter, but some, perhaps due to naïveté, are “all aboard.” This Uniteblue board member is offering to show Democrats how to join Uniteblue in a clearly misguided attempt at spreading Uniteblue to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and the Democratic Party. She even mentions Uniteblue in the same category as OFA! Uniteblue and OFA have nothing in common and are not united in any way. But hey, keep on promotin’.

No thanks! The only voice “amplified” by Uniteblue is Zach Green’s. Attentive progressives want nothing to do with an organization run by guys who worked for the tea party and Herman Cain.


News Round-Up No. 2

Bill Talley’s Enablers vs The World

It looks like UniteBlue’s most vociferous Political_Bill defenders have managed to offend Anonymous. This won’t end well. Check out this page for a response to Mr. Talley’s admitted conduct. NOTE: Mr. Talley was a member of UniteBlue’s advisory board until a critic pointed out his legal, ahem, *difficulties* (spanning many years, charges, failed appeals and admissions), at which point he was unceremoniously dumped, at least publicly.

Why so many UniteBlue trolls still defend this serial liar is one of the great Twitter mysteries. So many supposed “good liberals” just shrugging off disgusting behavior, merely because the criminal has a computer full of progressive platitudes that he tweets ad nauseum?  Some pretty unsavory conservative bloggers have even noticed their ethical fail.  UniteBlue’s posse of noisy defenders claim that he’s off their board, yet he continues to act like their director of Twitter communications, and they continue to embrace him with ever more vicious attacks against their growing enemies list.

An Interesting Item

And speaking of the disaffected, we’ve learned of another Twitter user trying to explain the spectacle of Bill Talley’s UniteBlue defenders and the damage they are doing to Twitter Progressives on a daily basis.  Click here to read the Twitlonger post.

Of course, like anyone that criticizes this clever pyramid scheme, this user too will be attacked as a “smearer” and “divider.” That’s how UniteBlue enforcers work… you know, the vociferous trolls that usually turn out to be family members, sock puppets or friends of the officers and directors Adam and Zach Green.