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News Round-Up No. 14

One Of Uniteblue’s Operators Isn’t Very “Blue” At All

Adam and Zach Green run Uniteblue. As it turns out, Adam isn’t very blue at all. Well, according to their own “BlueRank” algorithm he isn’t.

What value does Uniteblue’s algorithm calculate for Mr. Adam Green?

68.7. Sixty-eight point seven. In college exam parlance: a D+.


Why any liberal would join a group run by a guy who worked for the tea party and is a “below average” liberal by his own calculation is beyond us.

BREAKING: “BlueRank” Formula Adjusted?! Stop the Presses!

Speaking of “BlueRank”: Uniteblue is designed to appear legitimate and useful, while siphoning off time and money better spent on legitimate progressive causes and candidates. The silly “Blue Rank” is part of the illusion.

The truth? They’re making it up as they go. Zach Green recently tweeted this gem from his “Stronger Together” account:


So follow more verified Uniteblue members to raise your meaningless BlueRank! Or take our advice: ignore it completely.

A guy who was raising money for Herman Cain 1 1/2 years ago isn’t qualified to grade how liberal you are. Period.


News Round-Up No. 13

About That Uniteblue “Advisory Board”

After several critics began to question the real purpose of Uniteblue, a Uniteblue “advisory board” was announced with much fanfare. The operator of Uniteblue, Zach Green, appointed various people to it- then claimed they were “elected.” If anyone can point us to the election process or results, please do.


Many are familiar with the next event in the “advisory board” saga: the removal of William Talley aka Political_Bill. It appears the process of electing appointing and removing board members is rather elastic. Mr. Talley was an outspoken promoter of Uniteblue, and his exact relationship to it is a mystery to this day. Nevertheless, a simple Google search would have revealed Talley’s legal issues and the fact he was facing prison for felony charges.


Fast-forward to today: Over four months have passed and still no “mission statement” has been produced to our knowledge. The only “mission statement” is the one Zach Green wrote, extolling his supposed “advanced heuristics and artificial intelligence techniques.” Furthermore, clicking on the Uniteblue advisory board members page shows two of the advisory board members don’t have #Uniteblue listed in their bios, and one member is no longer active, with no photo, zero followers and zero tweets. Only one board member appears busy promoting Uniteblue (see below).

Predictions by some that the advisory board would be a meaningless facade appear accurate. Should the “board” produce anything worthy of mention we will update this post.

Uniteblue Infiltrating Democratic Party?

Most progressives and liberals are wary and concerned about the relentless marketing efforts of Uniteblue on Twitter, but some, perhaps due to naïveté, are “all aboard.” This Uniteblue board member is offering to show Democrats how to join Uniteblue in a clearly misguided attempt at spreading Uniteblue to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and the Democratic Party. She even mentions Uniteblue in the same category as OFA! Uniteblue and OFA have nothing in common and are not united in any way. But hey, keep on promotin’.

No thanks! The only voice “amplified” by Uniteblue is Zach Green’s. Attentive progressives want nothing to do with an organization run by guys who worked for the tea party and Herman Cain.

News Round-Up No. 9

This Video Proves The Greens Supported Herman Cain

Well the Greens say they only built a tweet “aggregator” and took it down when they realized Herman Cain’s true beliefs, but this video provides examples that makes those claims appear ridiculous.

Decide for yourself whether the Greens merely collected tweets, or blatantly supported Herman Cain, attacked President Obama and fund-raised for Herman Cain along the way.

While real progressives and Democrats were fund-raising for Obama and Democratic candidates the Greens were pushing the “Cain Train” on Twitter with tweets that look like enthusiastic support, not benign collection of data as they claim. They even said they’d vote for Cain if he were nominated!

The William Talley Burn Notice: Final Update

The (we hope) final statement on that popular UniteBlue apologist and insider Bill Talley, who was sentenced to prison recently for possession of illegal drugs and child pornography.

Click here to read the blog post.

Mr. Talley’s convictions don’t appear to be connected to the Greens in any way, but some UniteBlue insiders may *still* be operating Talley’s various sock puppet accounts. Why they may continue to work with and for a convicted criminal again raises the question of what exactly was (is?) Mr. Talley’s role in UniteBlue.

News Round-Up No. 8

Former UniteBlue Advisory Board Member Bill Talley Receives Prison Sentence

Mr. Talley used Twitter and UniteBlue to reinvent himself as a “progressive political activist” over the last several years. He was appointed to the “advisory board” of UniteBlue by the owners, for unknown reasons. When news of his *legal difficulties,* which included possession of illegal drugs and possession of child pornography became public, he was unceremoniously dumped. Nevertheless, he maintained his support of UniteBlue and had a vocal group of UniteBlue supporters who questioned the legal system and attacked anyone who dared to address Mr. Talley’s guilt.

Read about his sentencing here.

So why does a legion of UniteBlue trolls still defend felon Talley? What exactly was/is his role in the founding and operation of UniteBlue? Does he still have any say in the operation of Uniteblue? The world wonders.

The Truth About UniteBlue Video Surfaces on YouTube

The owners of UniteBlue took great pains to erase as much of their prior GOP work as possible. The producer of this video obviously took a lot of time to track down a series of tweets that illustrate conclusively their GOP affiliation. Tellingly, the producer added this interesting note “Sorry, I am disabling comments because I am tired of being called names by UniteBlue members. Also, they have been known to “dox” (release personal information on) anyone who disagrees with them — so even if you LIKE this video, it’s dangerous to comment, they’ll stalk and troll you everywhere.”

UniteBlue is in the business of marketing UniteBlue and little else. We continue to urge progressives to AVOID them, REMOVE the Twibbon if you have one and continue to PROMOTE progressive causes that are not attached to pyramid schemes designed to make former GOP operatives money.

News Round-Up No. 3

UniteBlue and Zach Green’s Bad Day with Anonymous

In the category of entities whose bad side you don’t want to get on, the Anonymous collective would be neck-in-neck with sleeping tigers. But Zach Green’s big on rushing in where wise men fear to tread. The result, an intriguing Pastebin from an Anon, should be making the Greens a little less sanguine about their own actions.

If that weren’t enough to get the Unite Blue founders’ pulses racing, the revved-up Anons’ surveillance of that bad penny known as Bill Talley won’t be supplying the calm they must be craving. Certainly not when there’s also a brand-new Anon YouTube vid on Toxic Talley. Anyone got a Xanax?

News Round-Up No. 2

Bill Talley’s Enablers vs The World

It looks like UniteBlue’s most vociferous Political_Bill defenders have managed to offend Anonymous. This won’t end well. Check out this page for a response to Mr. Talley’s admitted conduct. NOTE: Mr. Talley was a member of UniteBlue’s advisory board until a critic pointed out his legal, ahem, *difficulties* (spanning many years, charges, failed appeals and admissions), at which point he was unceremoniously dumped, at least publicly.

Why so many UniteBlue trolls still defend this serial liar is one of the great Twitter mysteries. So many supposed “good liberals” just shrugging off disgusting behavior, merely because the criminal has a computer full of progressive platitudes that he tweets ad nauseum?  Some pretty unsavory conservative bloggers have even noticed their ethical fail.  UniteBlue’s posse of noisy defenders claim that he’s off their board, yet he continues to act like their director of Twitter communications, and they continue to embrace him with ever more vicious attacks against their growing enemies list.

An Interesting Item

And speaking of the disaffected, we’ve learned of another Twitter user trying to explain the spectacle of Bill Talley’s UniteBlue defenders and the damage they are doing to Twitter Progressives on a daily basis.  Click here to read the Twitlonger post.

Of course, like anyone that criticizes this clever pyramid scheme, this user too will be attacked as a “smearer” and “divider.” That’s how UniteBlue enforcers work… you know, the vociferous trolls that usually turn out to be family members, sock puppets or friends of the officers and directors Adam and Zach Green.

@MiltShook’s Kiddie Porn Apologetics

Always eager to entertain Twitter with his commentary offered to no one listening. Mr. Milt— “I Only Tell The Truth”—Shook doesn’t seem to know what “guilty” means.

Shook had a delightful conversation with the now infamous former #Uniteblue advisory board member (and staunch defender), William Talley, aka @political_bill on Twitter. When confronted with Talley’s February guilty plea to possession of child pornography, Shook actually tried to deny it was real.

It’s not clear if Shook even bothered to read the widely published court documents that everyone else has seen that were hiding in plain site… all over the Internet… but whatever.

Of course, some of us remember Milt Shook from his riotously embarrassing Usenet days, so we are not a bit surprised by any of his latest judgment fail. 

We suspect Talley’s sentencing, now scheduled for the end of May, will force one of Shook’s amusing mea culpas. The ones he makes a lot of. He thinks they make him look great as he defers to his ultra-ethical nature which compels his almost unheard of ability to admit when he’s wrong.  (Which is fairly often.)  The last one of these found him apologizing for insisting that the Boston marathon bombers would prove to be right-wing extremists. Nailed it again, Milt!  

Milt should get a jump on Talley’s sentencing date and start making his excuses right now. Then he can move on from defending this pedophile creep and feel totally free to seek some new Twitter drama to glom onto for his daily fix of attention for himself and his several roommates.

Osborneink has the complete story:  Cancer Truthers Become Kiddie Porn Defenders

What Part of Pleading Guilty does @MiltShook Not Understand?

What part of pleading guilty does Milt Shook not understand?

In a blog post eloquently titled “In Praise of Evidence,” Milt Shook argued that his new BFF Bill Talley did not deserve to be called a pedophile because a “court log, showing him pleading guilty to a couple of charges of ‘sexual exploitation of a minor’” was unimportant due to the lack of details given out.

Update (5/29/2013): Milt Shook is famous for deleting posts that later embarrass him, so we took the liberty of saving a copy of his magnificently absurd work in case folks like you might want to review it after Bill Talley was sentenced—which he just was.  Read the Tennessean’s reporting on the sentencing, and the horrific details discussed in court, and then check out Shook’s screed here.  (Try and contain your laughter. It won’t be easy.)

For some strange reason, Shook says we know nothing about any evidence. Which part of hundreds of child pornography photos does he consider non-evidentiary? Oh, right, those bothersome photos escape his mention.

Instead, he moans about the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and cries that “there has been no trial, and all anyone has seen to date is the prosecution’s case.” While he does admit that Talley “agreed to a plea deal, which is sealed,” he does so as casually as if Talley had just agreed to buy the next round in a bar.

Is a plea bargain all that negligible? In a word, no. In a plea bargain, a prosecutor and someone facing trial for criminal charges reach a mutually agreeable solution to avoiding a trial. In Bill Talley’s case, that meant pleading guilty to one of four drug possession with intent and two of five sexual exploitation of a minor charges. Plea bargains save the courts time and money and allow a criminal the opportunity to plead guilty to lesser or partial charges for a shorter sentence.

Generally a judge will authorize a plea bargain if the defendant makes a knowing and voluntary waiver of his or her right to a trial, understands the possible maximum sentence that might be handed down after pleading guilty, and makes a voluntary confession, in court, to the alleged crime.

This is the fact Mr. Shook ignores: Mr. Talley obtained a plea bargain by pleading guilty to three out of nine charges and making a voluntary confession in court. He was not victimized by the prosecutor with whom he forged “a mutual agreement,” nor was he demanding a trial in which to establish his innocence.

Regardless of what Talley and Shook say on Twitter, Tally admitted guilt to sexual exploitation of a minor:

A person commits sexual exploitation of a minor by knowingly recording, filming, photographing, developing or duplicating any visual depiction in which a minor is engaged in exploitive exhibition or other sexual conduct; or by distributing, transporting, exhibiting, receiving, selling, purchasing, electronically transmitting, possessing or exchanging any visual depiction in which a minor is engaged in exploitive exhibition or other sexual conduct.

If any visual depiction of sexual exploitation of a minor is admitted into evidence, the court seals that evidence at the conclusion of the hearing or trial—so we will, none of us, learn details of that evidence now.

Shook concludes his article by shrugging off the plea with an absolutely absurd speculation, even for his blithely arrogant style of blogging: “One reason he probably pled guilty was because of the emotion surrounding the issue.”

So are we to imagine that prisons are full of gentle souls who copped pleas because of the emotion surrounding an issue rather than culpability and the wish to evade punishment for all of their crimes? Is it really only “a lynch mob” that would look at guilty pleas as an indication of, well, guilt?  Should thousands of pedophiles and rapists spare themselves all the inconvenience of a lengthy prison term and all that personal shame and humiliation by just agreeing to a plea bargain and then try to say “There, you see! I’m innocent!“?

We hope someone or some group is reimbursing Mr. Shook for his fervent support.  Shook would do well to learn how to research something before penning a blog that asks others to “Please cut the crap.“