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News Round-Up No. 5

Are UniteBlue Insiders Worried About Club Followback?

Well it was bound to happen. As more and more tweeps are finding out, UniteBlue is designed to look like a progressive movement to drive business to the Greens– an unnecessary middleman. Now some who are heavily invested (either out of misplaced enthusiasm or some other interest) are worried about the “slow up” (their words). Click here to see a UniteBlue insider contemplating a, get this, “follow-a-thon.”

Sorry guys, but the “follow-a-thon” already happened. That was back in January and February when Zach Green was hyping TGDN and his bogus solution to suspension– join his pyramid scheme and everybody must follow everyone!

Let The Doxing Continue

A UniteBlue insider “doxed” a UniteBlue critic several weeks ago in an effort to silence her. Zach Green publicly claimed he had no idea who did it. Now everyone’s in the doxing game– we found a website (since deleted) produced by unknown authors, with a bunch of apparently publicly available information about all the directors and officers of UniteBlue.

Why publish this? Of course we don’t condone such tactics– although it is hardly surprising that others would reply in kind to UniteBlue trolls who use GOP-style smear tactics to dox critics. Nevertheless, we categorically call for everyone to stop the doxing, which only serves to divide the left further.

UPDATED: June 6, 2013