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News Round-Up No. 12

Uniteblue Founder Tries to Capitalize On Glenn Greenwald’s Troubles and gets Spanked

As we’ve noted repeatedly, the operators of Uniteblue will do anything to appear relevant. Assuming the mantle of “leader of the twitter left” (without any qualifications) isn’t easy… as Mr. Zach Green found out recently. After posting a fake tweet from Glenn Greenwald (more deception?) the following ensued, culminating in this (since deleted) tweet from Mr. Greenwald:


Mr. Greenwald correctly points out (in so many words) that Uniteblue’s founder offers little more than endless repetition of a hashtag, signifying nothing. ‘Nuff said.

Uniteblue Insiders Questioning Actblue (and OFA) Now?

Despite all the good work accomplished by Actblue since 2004 at least one known Uniteblue troll is questioning whether they are legitimate. Check out what long-time UB attack troll @audreyLMG posted on July 2, 2013:


Actblue makes it easy to donate to lesser-known progressive candidates, not Presidential candidates. So we ask: Do these tweets, along with others questioning the effectiveness of OFA, indicate that Uniteblue’s owner is pivoting again… to outright attacking progressive organizations?

Interesting Analysis of Uniteblue’s recent troubles

This blogger has posted relevant analysis of Uniteblue’s management from time to time and here are two recent posts, including speculation that Uniteblue’s membership has been penetrated by right wing operatives, among other things:

Uniteblue and William Talley Postmortem

Inspecting @UniteBlue’s Influence With Klout

The operators of Uniteblue clearly have little regard for the damage they’re doing. Whether their aggressive supporters are right wing infiltrators, paid employees, or overzealous volunteers, it’s more important than ever for progressives to IMMEDIATELY disassociate themselves from this marketing scheme disguised as a liberal “movement.” Click here to learn how to break up with Uniteblue.