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News Round-Up No. 10

Uniteblue Received Payments From Buddy Roemer Through July 2012

Contrary to their public statements, this blogger has discovered that the owners/creators of Uniteblue were accepting payments from the Roemer campaign through July 2012, totaling more than $12,000 in 2012 alone. During this time Roemer was actively attacking and campaigning AGAINST President Obama.

Other bloggers have questioned the tactics and strategy employed by Uniteblue with good reason- it is troubling to learn that they were receiving cash from non-Progressive leaders while they were working behind the scenes creating Uniteblue.

The list of unsavory truths about Uniteblue’s founders continues to multiply: deleted webpages, tweets… worked with (and were paid by) tea party operatives… covered up their Roemer connections… tweeted anti-Obama “birther” sentiments from their 140cain twitter account… selected Bill Talley to be on their advisory board… referred to all critics as “trolls” and “smearers”… obtained and deleted Connect The Left… admitted they’re in it for the money… and sent out a posse of (possibly paid) twitter trolls to attack their critics. As we’ve stated repeatedly, progressives and liberals should avoid joining this organization.

Uniteblue Data Mining Operations

This blogger continues to dig up interesting, and very disquieting information about Uniteblue. Take a look.

In light of the recent news of NSA data mining of American telephone records, members of Uniteblue ought to be highly concerned that their tweet data is being combined with other information from the internet by the Greens to create a very valuable database containing very personal information.

Updated: June 7, 2013