About UniteThis

This blog was created by UniteThis, an informal group of Twitter progressives who question the motives, methods and sometimes malicious tactics of the founders of UniteBlue and some of their core members and apologists. The members of this group have chosen to remain anonymous due to personal attacks that have occurred to others who have spoken out against Uniteblue.

The founders of UniteBlue are not experienced and credible political professionals with a grand vision and tools for helping progressives.  They are a father and son team of political amateurs who have mostly worked with Republican clients, and have used many unscrupulous promotional devices and practices to promote their TwitterAPI frameworks and various political “data mining” services.  They have created a lot of acrimony and ill-will among progressives who don’t like the idea of someone privatizing political activism in any form.

While the reach and impact of UniteBlue are far less than they pretend, we still oppose joining for multiple reasons. Whether you’re a progressive, a journalist, or a blogger supporting UniteBlue, we feel that you owe it to your readers and yourself to read these links carefully. We think you will agree there are many reasons to dislike or distrust what has been called a “progressive pyramid scheme.”

This site is a work in progress, so check back often for updates. We are not trying to “smear” anyone or “troll” on Twitter. We simply believe the truth is important… and needs to be told. Thanks for visiting, and please pass us along to friends on Twitter and Facebook. UniteThis is not responsible for content linked to from this site.