How Uniteblue’s Founder Attacks Critics While Promoting Himself

Attack of the Zachbies

Despite their denials, a small group of twitter trolls have engaged in full-time attacks on anyone who questions Uniteblue or its founder Zach Green (twitter account: 140elect). The attacks began after Mr. Green published a piece accusing EVERYONE critical of him or his prior GOP work as guilty of “smears” and “trolling.” This was back in February 2013. His words, in response to “Who is smearing you?”:


140elect later responded (typically) by deleting the “everyone” part. However, the document still clearly states: “Every day there are new smear campaigns. We’ve compiled a list of them below.” And what is on the “list”? Mostly legitimate questions about his past and his plans.

Plainly, whether the trolls are paid employees, family members, or enthusiastic converts, Zach Green is the person who set them into motion with his false “you’re either for us or against us” dichotomy. Many have witnessed the back and forth attacks on twitter, which continue to this day. This is because Zach Green’s response was to BOTH bemoan the infighting AND accuse critics of smears and trolling:



Indisputably, Mr. Green uses criticism of Uniteblue to either attack the criticism as undeserved “smears,” or to bemoan the “infighting” while portraying himself as a victim. He actually benefits from the infighting. But the trolls are merely one prong of his marketing scheme.

Taking Over Twitter Streams

Meanwhile, here, Mr. Green describes his philosophy of “[i]nject your messages into your opponents’ tweet stream by using their trending hashtags” and attacking political opponents via attack and parody accounts. He charges large amounts for these services… and evidence suggests he uses these same tactics to support Uniteblue. This is his second, and primary, line of marketing.

He has worked hard to associate the #uniteblue hashtag with every liberal trend and story. We suspect much of this is automated. A constant regurgitation of @uniteblue and #uniteblue day after day on twitter. Some think a handful of supporters/employees/friends use multiple twitter accounts to keep the drumbeat going as well. And, clearly, he has a small army of devotees who play along with it, perhaps with good intentions. As he stated on his website “let[s] your supporters spread your tweet messages for you” and some Uniteblue members happily oblige. It is a complex assault on the twitter left, and has been somewhat effective, albiet not as successful as he (and any silent partners he may have) doubtless hoped for.

But the truth remains: Uniteblue wasn’t created to make the left “stronger together.” The entire project exists to drive clients to 140elect. Making money for the aptly-named Greens (selling trending hashtags and twitter political campaigns) through control and brand name association with “liberalism” are the goals.

We’re confident most progressives didn’t join twitter to help a guy who was “working for” the tea party and Herman Cain in 2011. Avoid Uniteblue. Donate through Actblue and get involved with OFA, which just launched a new organizing and lobbying effort.