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News Round-Up No. 13

About That Uniteblue “Advisory Board”

After several critics began to question the real purpose of Uniteblue, a Uniteblue “advisory board” was announced with much fanfare. The operator of Uniteblue, Zach Green, appointed various people to it- then claimed they were “elected.” If anyone can point us to the election process or results, please do.


Many are familiar with the next event in the “advisory board” saga: the removal of William Talley aka Political_Bill. It appears the process of electing appointing and removing board members is rather elastic. Mr. Talley was an outspoken promoter of Uniteblue, and his exact relationship to it is a mystery to this day. Nevertheless, a simple Google search would have revealed Talley’s legal issues and the fact he was facing prison for felony charges.


Fast-forward to today: Over four months have passed and still no “mission statement” has been produced to our knowledge. The only “mission statement” is the one Zach Green wrote, extolling his supposed “advanced heuristics and artificial intelligence techniques.” Furthermore, clicking on the Uniteblue advisory board members page shows two of the advisory board members don’t have #Uniteblue listed in their bios, and one member is no longer active, with no photo, zero followers and zero tweets. Only one board member appears busy promoting Uniteblue (see below).

Predictions by some that the advisory board would be a meaningless facade appear accurate. Should the “board” produce anything worthy of mention we will update this post.

Uniteblue Infiltrating Democratic Party?

Most progressives and liberals are wary and concerned about the relentless marketing efforts of Uniteblue on Twitter, but some, perhaps due to naïveté, are “all aboard.” This Uniteblue board member is offering to show Democrats how to join Uniteblue in a clearly misguided attempt at spreading Uniteblue to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and the Democratic Party. She even mentions Uniteblue in the same category as OFA! Uniteblue and OFA have nothing in common and are not united in any way. But hey, keep on promotin’.

No thanks! The only voice “amplified” by Uniteblue is Zach Green’s. Attentive progressives want nothing to do with an organization run by guys who worked for the tea party and Herman Cain.


Uniteblue: More Than Meets the Eye?

Remember sins of commission vs sins of omission? Sometimes what we don’t tell people clearly says a lot about us. Take Zach Green, for instance.

Log into Uniteblue and go to the Blue Rank and you’ll see something like this:


Notice how some of the entries have an extra symbol on the righthand side, before the buttons to follow or reject someone? That’s the “verification symbol.”

UB VerifiedMember

You wouldn’t know what that symbol means if you haven’t read an entirely different page that explains the Blue Rank.


If you didn’t bother reading that other page, you might think people and groups in the Blue Ranks- people like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, groups like OFA, College Dems, Young Dems, and Netroots Nations- belonged to or endorsed Uniteblue.

They don’t.

A sin by omission.

And if on the home page, you saw the list of Uniteblue Trends, you might suppose these hashtags belonged to, or were somehow attributable to Uniteblue. Maybe not, but nothing would tell you they’d been created by many different people.


Zach Green says he will soon announce the paid options for Uniteblue. Perhaps one of them will be the ability to look at the website without having to figure out what things mean or don’t mean without any help from the founder. Perhaps.



But if we judge from Green’s past behavior, it’s more likely that he’s just as happy when Uniteblue members accept things without trying to figure them out. Maybe even happier.

Zach Green Did “Work For” The Tea Party

We found this on twitter on July 7, 2013:


Here is the link to this message, which was a Twitter DM (direct message) to this twitter user.

Really now. Let’s look at some facts then. There are bits & pieces of proof across the internet that his firm produced the so-called first-ever Presidential debate on twitter: the “TEA PARTY Town Hall” sponsored by in 2011. That’s a BIG WHOLE BUNCH of tea party candidates right there. And don’t forget he raised money for Herman Cain, while attacking President Obama and Democrats along the way. Yes, much was deleted, BUT NOT ALL. After all, this is the internet.

Here is what Topsy reveals about the (erased) @140townhall twitter account:


That cartoon eagle looks familiar doesn’t it? By the way, “@140elect” is Zach Green’s twitter account & Andrew Hemingway is a tea Party activist and the New Hampshire Republican Liberty Caucus chairman.

Here is a link to a National Journal article that explicitly states the Tea Party Townhall was “a joint project between 140Elect and Digital Acumen.” Andrew Hemingway is the managing director of Digital Acumen.

Here is a link to an article by Dave Weigel explaining that 140elect produced the Tea Party Townhall, which he incidentally described as a complete failure. Apparently big enough to convince Zach to switch sides?

And here is the New York Times blog post mentioning Zach Green specifically as producing the platform that was used for the Tea Party event.

Here is proof his firm (and his father, who is the only other member of Uniteblue’s board of directors) created a twitter account and website that voluntarily raised money for the Herman Cain campaign.

There is more. Much more. Surely “worked for” includes producing tea party events and raising money for a tea party candidate?

So, Mr. Green, whether you were paid or volunteered, you did “work for” Tea Party candidates. #pantsonfire

This information can be easily verified via Topsy, Waybackmachine and Google search.

News Round-Up No. 12

Uniteblue Founder Tries to Capitalize On Glenn Greenwald’s Troubles and gets Spanked

As we’ve noted repeatedly, the operators of Uniteblue will do anything to appear relevant. Assuming the mantle of “leader of the twitter left” (without any qualifications) isn’t easy… as Mr. Zach Green found out recently. After posting a fake tweet from Glenn Greenwald (more deception?) the following ensued, culminating in this (since deleted) tweet from Mr. Greenwald:


Mr. Greenwald correctly points out (in so many words) that Uniteblue’s founder offers little more than endless repetition of a hashtag, signifying nothing. ‘Nuff said.

Uniteblue Insiders Questioning Actblue (and OFA) Now?

Despite all the good work accomplished by Actblue since 2004 at least one known Uniteblue troll is questioning whether they are legitimate. Check out what long-time UB attack troll @audreyLMG posted on July 2, 2013:


Actblue makes it easy to donate to lesser-known progressive candidates, not Presidential candidates. So we ask: Do these tweets, along with others questioning the effectiveness of OFA, indicate that Uniteblue’s owner is pivoting again… to outright attacking progressive organizations?

Interesting Analysis of Uniteblue’s recent troubles

This blogger has posted relevant analysis of Uniteblue’s management from time to time and here are two recent posts, including speculation that Uniteblue’s membership has been penetrated by right wing operatives, among other things:

Uniteblue and William Talley Postmortem

Inspecting @UniteBlue’s Influence With Klout

The operators of Uniteblue clearly have little regard for the damage they’re doing. Whether their aggressive supporters are right wing infiltrators, paid employees, or overzealous volunteers, it’s more important than ever for progressives to IMMEDIATELY disassociate themselves from this marketing scheme disguised as a liberal “movement.” Click here to learn how to break up with Uniteblue.