News Round-Up No. 11

Uniteblue’s Marketers Attach Themselves to every Liberal Issue- To Raise Money

Many folks understand that Uniteblue has less to do with progressive politics and more to do with organizing the left to MAKE MONEY FOR THE GREEN$.

Here is a recent example of Uniteblue inserting themselves into the Markey campaign and asking for donations:


And here they are fund-raising (can they do that?) off the interest in Prop. 8 and DOMA:


Wait a minute… Donate to Uniteblue because you’re opposed to DOMA? Why? The folks controlling Uniteblue seldom miss an opportunity to twitter-bomb, hijack or insert themselves into every liberal trend or topic on Twitter. All to make a buck.

The Founder Of Uniteblue Is A Man With A Past

It looks like someone else has uncovered the disturbing Twitter trolls who do Zach Green’s dirty work while insisting they have nothing to do (LOL!) with Uniteblue. Check out this website which reveals Zach’s favorite “attack dogs” have a tea party past:

By now it’s clear that Uniteblue’s plan is to overwhelm Twitter with a deluge of left-sounding and clever tweets, while simultaneously attacking critics with [supposedly] unaffiliated trolls. Shameful.