News Round-Up No. 8

Former UniteBlue Advisory Board Member Bill Talley Receives Prison Sentence

Mr. Talley used Twitter and UniteBlue to reinvent himself as a “progressive political activist” over the last several years. He was appointed to the “advisory board” of UniteBlue by the owners, for unknown reasons. When news of his *legal difficulties,* which included possession of illegal drugs and possession of child pornography became public, he was unceremoniously dumped. Nevertheless, he maintained his support of UniteBlue and had a vocal group of UniteBlue supporters who questioned the legal system and attacked anyone who dared to address Mr. Talley’s guilt.

Read about his sentencing here.

So why does a legion of UniteBlue trolls still defend felon Talley? What exactly was/is his role in the founding and operation of UniteBlue? Does he still have any say in the operation of Uniteblue? The world wonders.

The Truth About UniteBlue Video Surfaces on YouTube

The owners of UniteBlue took great pains to erase as much of their prior GOP work as possible. The producer of this video obviously took a lot of time to track down a series of tweets that illustrate conclusively their GOP affiliation. Tellingly, the producer added this interesting note “Sorry, I am disabling comments because I am tired of being called names by UniteBlue members. Also, they have been known to “dox” (release personal information on) anyone who disagrees with them — so even if you LIKE this video, it’s dangerous to comment, they’ll stalk and troll you everywhere.”

UniteBlue is in the business of marketing UniteBlue and little else. We continue to urge progressives to AVOID them, REMOVE the Twibbon if you have one and continue to PROMOTE progressive causes that are not attached to pyramid schemes designed to make former GOP operatives money.