News Round-Up No. 7

UniteBlue Insider Exposed as a Divider

We found this recently-posted video that illustrates what many critics have suspected all along: the founders of UniteBlue aren’t interested in uniting the left, only telling it what to do so they can profit. And “beware those who disagree.” Read the tweets of potty-mouthed UniteBlue insider @EdieVP and ask yourself: are these folks uniters… or dividers?

From the beginning, critics were called trolls and questions were called “smears” by the founder of UniteBlue. His more vociferous followers, in a cult-member like way, carry on his mission with gusto– attack unbelievers and relentlessly proselytize liberals on Twitter. All so the Green$ can make a buck. Shameful, especially with 2014 around the corner.

Those Vicious UniteBlue Defenders: “The Cauldron Of Stupid”

Yet another Twitter user has parted ways with UniteBlue, after a series of encounters with their staunchest defenders, whom he/she calls “The Cauldron Of Stupid.” Check out this Twitlonger post for a dose of reality. Click here for a cached copy.

UniteBlue has been trying to portray themselves as a legitimate progressive movement, but looks more and more like the ridiculous right-wing #TGDN project as time goes by– “The only time I got suspended [in three years] was after being trolled by a member of #CauldronOfStupid.”