News Round-Up No. 6

UniteBlue Now Wants to Sue Critics and Non-Followers?

Honestly even we didn’t see this coming. The operators of UniteBlue, or someone closely allied to them, have created this Pastebin listing over 100 liberal and progressive Twitter users who, they purport, may be “sued” in a class action lawsuit merely for criticizing UniteBlue and the extended Green family and various supporters behind it. The author alleges that “We are going after those who planned and almost carried out the takedown of the UB website.” They don’t say what this “takedown” was, of course, and it’s the first we’ve heard of it. But like Fox News, these people have now resorted to just making stuff up almost every day.

Apparently dividing the left wasn’t enough for the Greens and their posse of true believers. Now they want to SUE those who haven’t joined their marketing campaign cleverly camouflaged as a “liberal movement.” Still unsure whether these folks are someone you want speaking for YOU?

We’ve Recovered UniteBlue’s Missing Web Pages (Again)

Two months ago, a blogger had published an annotated list of all the web pages that @140elect (Zach Green) had deleted.  They told a very interesting story of the ever-shifting story the Greens have told about their chameleon-like project that was first about making money, then it wasn’t, then it kinda was, then it was a nonprofit, and so on.  Sadly, that site was taken down by the blogger (who may have felt intimidated by the UniteBlue’s relentless efforts to harass its critics).  Our volunteers have found, restored and annotated these exhibits for you to see (once again).   We’ve also added the page to our collection of other deleted exhibits which you can see (and easily link to) here.