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News Round-Up No. 1

Must Read!

Excellent new post from a blogger who says of Zach Green’s UniteBlue: “We are all just pawns in his business plan.”

Amusing Chart

Blue Moonie @Smith83K was aggressively tweeting this chart as evidence of UniteBlue’s super-awesome traction.  But what it actually showed was a massive drop-off recently in #Uniteblue mentions after a surge due to Uniteblue’s many auto-tweets and spam-bots, which aren’t as active now after critics pointed out how obvious they were.

Clearly, folks are starting to figure out that UniteBlue is an unnecessary idea, executed poorly, and managed and supported by some people with highly questionable credentials, judgment, and motives. 


Welcome to UniteThis

UniteThis is a group of progressives concerned about “Uniteblue,” a business using a recently-formed nonprofit we feel is a thinly-veiled front for making money by “organizing” progressives on Twitter. We suggest liberals consider investing their time and money in legitimate causes and candidates. Read more on our About or FAQ pages.